Thornton Wins Desert Classic at CSP!

Lonnie Wheatley, PEORIA, Ariz. (November 7, 2015) – Ricky Thornton, Jr., proved his mastery of the 1/3-mile Canyon Speedway Park clay oval by racing to victory lane to capture the $5,000 winner’s share in Saturday night’s 27th Annual Desert Classic IMCA Modified main event.

That wasn’t enough for Thornton, Jr., though, as he also took top Pure Stock honors with other winners on the night including Daniel Romero in Renegades, Chris Toth in IMCA Sport Modifieds and Shawn Fause in Mini Stocks.

The 40-lap Desert Classic finale quickly turned into a non-stop battle between Thornton, Jr., and Kyle Strickler, who topped Friday’s qualifying session and then won his 20-lap qualifier to earn the pole starting position.

The duo swapped the lead several times along the way before Thornton, Jr., the 2014 CSP track champion, came away with the victory.

After Strickler failed to pass post-race technical inspection, Nebraska’s Jesse Sobbing claimed runner-up honors with Friday’s second “Twin Twenty” winner Lance Mari rounding out the podium in third.  New Mexico’s Zane DeVilbiss and Missouri’s Hunter Marriott rounded out the top five.

Thornton, Jr., doubled up on the night by racing from seventh to capture the Arizona Differential Pure Stock victory ahead of Matt Martinez with Speedy Madrid, Joe Vlasity and Michael Wrightsman also among the top five.

Daniel Romero raced from the front row outside to take top Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive Renegade honors ahead of Jason Crowe and Chuck Thornton, Chris Toth capitalized on the pole starting position to win the IMCA Sport Modified feature ahead of Tony Hill and Adam Echter while Shawn Fause finished off a sweep of Mini Stock action by beating John Miller to the line once again.

Canyon Speedway Park fires back to life on the opening weekend of December on the 5th and 6th with the Holiday Hustle 100 that culminates with a 100-lap Pure Stock vs. IMCA Stock Car event, a 50-lap Renegades vs. IMCA Hobby Stock feature event as well as Autocross action.

Canyon Speedway Park

November 7, 2015 – 27th Annual Desert Classic Finale Results

IMCA Modifieds:

Last Chance Race One:  1. 41-George Fronsman, 2. 5z-Zack Madrid, 3. 59-Mark Stewart, 4. 65-Tim Palmer, 5. 00-Nate Warren, 6. 82-J.C. Parmeley, 7. 7g-Bryan Gabbard, 8. 25-Paul Nelson, 9. 97-Josh Sneed.

Last Chance Race Two:  1. 75c-Bo Partain, 2. 67-Jim Collinsworth, 3. 4r-Ross Statham, 4. 92p-John Parmeley, 5. 34dd-Garrett Funk, 6. 26-John Brinkley, 7. T39-Lupe Gomez, 8. 8-George Stange.

“B” Main:  1. 11x-Thomas Berry, 2. 4tw-Tim Ward, 3. 90.5-Tommy Fain, 4. 9h-Robert Hellebust, 5. 16-Aaron Spangler, 6. X04-Mike Strobl, 7. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr., 8. 101bc-Bryson Curry, 9. 5TJ-Don Hagan, 10. 12-Guy Norton, 11. 92p-John Parmeley, 12. 57p-Jim Perkins, 13. 41-George Fronsman, 14. 59-Mark Stewart, 15. 5z-Zack Madrid, 16. 75c-Bo Partain, 17. 78-Steve Stultz, 18. 4r-Ross Statham, 19. 65-Tim Palmer, 20. 67-Jim Collinsworth.

“A” Feature (40 Laps):  1. 20rt-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. 99c-Jesse Sobbing, 3. 19sb-Lance Mari, 4. 18z-Zane DeVilbiss, 5. 12J-Hunter Marriott, 6. 44-Jason Noll, 7. 21k-Kyle Brown, 8. 4tw-Tim Ward, 9. Ww1-Ricky Alvarado, 10. 02-Kody Schollp, 11. 21d-David Brown, 12. 11x-Thomas Berry, 13. X04-Mike Strobl, 14. 90.5-Tommy Fain, 15. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr., 16. 19-Jay Foster, 17. 5TJ-Don Hagan, 18. 101bc-Bryson Curry, 19. 92p-John Parmeley, 20. 57p-Jim Perkins, 21. 16-Aaron Spangler, 22. 12-Guy Norton, 23. 9h-Robert Hellebust, 24. 8k-Kyle Strickler.


IMCA Sport Modifieds:

Heat One:  1. 2-Jason George, 2. 20az-Chuck Black, 3. 17-Larry Price, 4. 8-Doug Meeks, 5. 99-Adam Echter, 6. 57ct-Chris Toth, 7. 7-Wes Meeks, 8. 007-Tony Hill, 9. 15d-David Harrington.

“A” Feature:  1. 57ct-Chris Toth, 2. 007-Tony Hill, 3. 99-Adam Echter, 4. 7-Wes Meeks, 5. 20az-Chuck Black, 6. 2-Jason George, 7. 17-Larry Price, 8. 15d-David Harrington, 9. 8-Doug Meeks.


Arizona Differential Pure Stocks:

Heat One:  1. 23jr-Chris McCurdy, Jr., 2. 7-Cody Center, 3. 51-Jeff Carter, 4. 06-Marlowe Wrightsman, 5. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 6. 97L-Stephen Lumpkin.

Heat Two:  1. 5z-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. 21m-Matt Martinez, 3. 15-Speedy Madrid, 4. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 5. 3x-Derrick Askren, 6. 00-Lonnie Foss.

“A” Feature:  1. 5z-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. 21m-Matt Martinez, 3. 15-Speedy Madrid, 4. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 5. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 6. 3x-Derrick Askren, 7. 51-Jeff Carter, 8. 97L-Stephen Lumpkin, 9. 23jr-Chris McCurdy, Jr., 10. 06-Marlowe Wrightsman, 11. 7-Cody Center, 12. 00-Lonnie Foss.


Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive Renegades:

Heat One:  1. 101-Troy Barnes, 2. 16b-Richard Bennett, 3. 23-Dave Barnes, 4. 16r-Ross Krajack, 5. 24L-Ross Langer, 6. 65-Daniel Romero, 7. 48x-Alison Groh, 8. 69r-Sara Reblin, 9. 54-James Turensky.

Heat Two:  1. 85-Joe Peterson, 2. XX-Chuck Thornton, 3. 13-Jason Crowe, 4. 8-Joe Flewelling, 5. 5z-Merle Zachrison, 6. 48-Mike Hartsock, 7. 95-Craig Kingston, 8. 13gm-Gabriel Suchta.

“A” Feature:  1. 65-Daniel Romero, 2. 13-Jason Crowe, 3. XX-Chuck Thornton, 4. 5z-Merle Zachrison, 5. 16b-Richard Bennett, 6. 8-Joe Flewelling, 7. 16r-Ross Krajack, 8. 48x-Alison Groh, 9. 24L-Ross Langer, 10. 85-Joe Peterson, 11. 69r-Sara Reblin, 12. 95-Craig Kingston, 13. 13gm-Gabriel Suchta, 14. 101-Troy Barnes, 15. 54-James Turensky, 16. 48-Mike Hartsock, 17. 23-Dave Barnes.


Mini Stocks:

Heat One:  1. 89-John Miller II, 2. 54-Shawn Fause, 3. 99k-Cordell Edwards, 4. 88sb-Joseph Martin, 5. 7-Scott Kepner.

Heat Two:  1. 24-John Miller, 2. 69-Tom Gallagher, 3. 11-Brett Hegeman, 4. 95-Andrew Arnijo.

“A” Feature:  1. 54-Shawn Fause, 2. 24-John Miller, 3. 95-Andrew Arnijo, 4. 69-Tom Gallagher, 5. 11-Brett Hegeman, 6. 88sb-Joseph Martin, 7. 7-Scott Kepner, 8. 89-John Miller II, 9. 99k-Cordell Edwards.