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Powers “Drive to Remember” for NCRA Modified Victory!

Park City, Kansas – June 18, 2017 - It was a “drive to remember” for former two-time National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified champion Dan Powers as the Wichita driver worked himself up through the “C” feature, after starting eleventh; started fourteenth in the “B” feature then worked his way up through the field from his eleventh starting position to claim his first series victory of the season Sunday night at 81 Speedway in Park City for the annual “Bill Hall Memorial.”

Clint McFadden and Tanner Mullens started on the front row for the twenty-five-lap feature and it was McFadden setting the pace as the green flag fell. McFadden led the first two laps before Mullens took the point on lap three.

Mullens set the pace for six laps before Powers had worked his way up into the runner-up position. Lap ten would see Powers take the lead and lead the rest of the way to claim the victory and take over the point lead over former tour champion Tyler Davis.

Mullens settled for second while McFadden held on to third. Kyler Kemp and former series champion John Allen rounded out the top five.

Next up for the NCRA modified tour will be on Saturday night, July 1, at 81 Speedway as part of the tracks “Summer Time Classic.”

NCRA Modifieds
81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas
June 18, 2017
39 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Kyler Kemp, 2) Darren Moses, 3) Tyler Davis, 4) Joe Cleveland, 5) Mel Shipman, 6) Beau Davis, 7) Dan Powers, 8) Cody Gearhart

2nd Heat: 1) Scott Green, 2) Edward Lacey, 3) Brandon Massey, 4) Corey Lagroon, 5) Nic Baalman, 6) Shelby Stucky, 7) Brock Lane, 8) Carl Crossette

3rd Heat: 1) Chris Kratzer 2) Ryan McAninch, 3) Kirby Robe, 4) Travis Govern, 5) Josh Lanterman, 6) Scott Phillips, 7) Jake Nightingale, 8) Robbie Simmons

4th Heat: 1) Clint McFadden, 2) Tanner Mullins, 3) John Allen, 4) James Weve, 5) T.J. Tolan, 6) Kendall Kemp, 7) Marc Robe, 8) Jason McGehee

5th Heat: 1) Jon Herring, Jr, 2) Dean Brungardt, 3) Derrick Klima, 4) Marlin Farr, 5) Cecil Dymond, 6) Kevin Newell, 7) J.D. Choate

C Feature: 1) Mel Shipman, 2) Kevin Newell, 3) Nic Baalman, 4) Dan Powers, 5) Shelby Stucky, 6) James Weve, 7) Marc Robe 8) Kendall Kemp, 9) Beau Davis, 10) Jake Nightingale, 11) Scott Phillips, 12) Cecil Dymond, 13) Robbie Simmons. 14) Brock Lane, 15) J.D. Choate, 16) Cody Gearhart, 17) T.J. Tolan, 8) Carl Crossette, 19) Jason McGehee

B Feature: 1) Dan Powers, 2) Corey Lagroon, 3) Tyler Davis, 4) Darren Moses, 5) Joe Cleveland, 6) Derrick Klima, 7) Beau Davis, 8) Kevin Newell, 9) Travis Govern, 10) Dean Brungardt, 11) James Weve, 12) Marlin Farr, 13) Jake Nightingale, 14) Marc Robe, 15) Mel Shipman, 16) Shelby Stucky. 17) Kendall Kemp, 18) Nic Baalman, 19) Kirby Robe, 20) Josh Lanterman

A Feature (25Laps): 1) Dan Powers, 2) Tanner Mullens, 3) Clint McFadden, 4) Kyler Kemp, 5) John Allen, 6) Tyler Davis, 7) Beau Davis, 8) Ryan McAninch, 9) Brandon Massey, 10) Corey Lagroon, 11) Darren Moses, 12) Kevin Newell, 13) Dean Brungardt, 14) Chris Kratzer, Scott Green, 16) Edward Lacey, 17) Travis Govern, 18) Derrick Klima, 19) Joe Cleveland, 20) Jon Herring, Jr.