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Mullens Cruises to Seventh NCRA Modified Victory of the Season!
Park City, Kansas – September 15, 2018 - Current series points leader Tanner Mullens took the lead at the start and never looked back to claim his record-breaking seventh feature victory of the season as the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified division stopped at 81 Speedway in Park City on Saturday night.

Cory Lagroon and Mullens started on the front row for the twenty-five-lap feature with Mullens taking the lead as the green flag fell. Lagroon, Tyler Davis, Kenny Sweet and Cody Schniepp gave chase as Mullens quickly built a ten-car length lead.

Davis would get past Lagroon for the runner-up position on lap two before the first caution of the feature fell when Colton Eck, Brian Franz, Joe Cleveland, Marlin Farr, Josh Lanterman and Dan Powers all got together in turns one and two.

The attempted restart saw Clint McFadden slow on the backstretch while Scott Green busted an oil filter and dropped oil in turns one and two. The crew would quickly replace the oil filter during the caution while track crews worked to clean up the track.

On the restart, Mullens throttled away from the field while Schniepp would pass Lagroon for the third position.

Near the races midway point, Mullens had opened a fifteen-car-length lead over Davis before the caution fell on lap eleven when series defending sprint car champion Jeremy Campbell, making his first-career series modified start, slowed down the backstretch.

When race action resumed, Mullens continued his torrid pace up front while Davis, Schniepp, Lagroon, Joe Cleveland and Brandon Givens continued their battle for position. While this was taken place Green, who restarted at the tail of the field after the lap three restart, had worked his way back into the top ten.

With just five laps to go, the final caution flag of the night fell when Cecil Dymond spun in turn two. During the caution Lagroon, who was running fourth, exited to the pit area with mechanical gremlins.

On the final restart there was no catching Mullens as he would go on to claim his seventh series victory of the season and maintain his late-season points lead.

Davis settled for second while Greens’ charge too the front ended with a third-place finish. Schniepp came home fourth while Cleveland rounded out the top five.

The three, eight lap heat races for the twenty-five-car field were won by Schniepp, Lagroon and Davis while Dan Powers claimed “B” feature honors.

Next up for the NCRA Modified division will be on Saturday night, October 6, at 81 Speedway.

NCRA Modifieds

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas

September 15, 2018

25 Cars

1st Heat: 1) 21C-Cody Schniepp, [1]; 2) 29-Marlin Farr, [2]; 3) 747-Colton Eck, [3]; 4) 4A-Josh Lanterman, [4]; 5) 4-Dan Powers, [6]; 6) 2GBrandon Givens, [5]; 7) 86-Brian Franz, [9]; 8) 21B-Bryce Schniepp, [7]; 9) 44-Braden Stoner, [8]

2nd Heat: 1) 24-Corey Lagroon, [2]; 2) 1-Kirby Robe, [3]; 3) 02-Tanner Mullens, [6]; 4) 87-Kenny Sweet, [7]; 5) 711-Brock Lane, [1]; 6) 32XJerry Richey, [8]; 7) 69-Cecil Dymond, [4]; (DNS) 00-T.J. Tolan,

3rd Heat: 1) 65-Tyler Davis, [1]; 2) 2-Joe Cleveland, [2]; 3) MC2-Clint McFadden, [4]; 4) 93-Brandon Massey, [5]; 5) 91-Ross Shipman, [8]; 6) 3J-Jake Nightingale, [7]; 7) 97-Jeremy Campbell, [3]; 8) 25-Scott Green, [6]

B Feature: 1) 4- Dan Powers, [4]; 2) 747-Colton Eck, [1]; 3) 4A-Josh Lanterman, [3]; 4) 86-Brian Franz, [7]; 5) 93-Brandon Massey, [2]; 6) 2GBrandon Givens, [9]; 7) 25-Scott Green, [13]; 8) 21B-Bryce Schniepp, [12]; 9) 69-Cecil Dymond, [10]; 10) 44-Braden Stoner, [15]; 11) 3J-Jake Nightingale, [6]; 12) 711-Brock Lane, [8]; 13) 97-Jeremy Campbell, [11]; (DNS) 32X-Jerry Richey, ; (DNS) 00-T.J. Tolan

A Feature: 1) 02-Tanner Mullens, [2]; 2) 65-Tyler Davis, [4]; 3) 25-Scott Green, [17]; 4) 21C-Cody Schniepp, [3]; 5) 2-Joe Cleveland, [8]; 6) 93-Brandon Massey, [15]; 7) 91-Ross Shipman, [10]; 8) 4A-Josh Lanterman, [13]; 9) 2G-Brandon Givens, [16]; 10) 44-Braden Stoner, [20]; 11) 29-Marlin Farr, [7]; 12) MC2-Clint McFadden, [9]; 13) 24-Corey Lagroon, [1]; 14) 69-Cecil Dymond, [19]; 15) 4Dan Powers, [11]; 16) 87-Kenny Sweet, [6]; 17) 21B-Bryce Schniepp, [18]; 18) 1-Kirby Robe, [5]; 19) 747-Colton Eck, [12]; 20) 86 -Brian Franz, [14]